About LinkedIn Learning: accessing online learning, 24/7

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) is an online library available to all York University students, faculty, and staff. This learning resource contains thousands of high-quality instructional videos and non-credit courses on a range of themes. Non-credit courses are presented by industry experts to help you learn or improve your skills in a range of topics such as business, design, education & eLearning, marketing, photography, video editing, web development and much more. Each non-credit course has multiple segments, so you can watch as few or as many as you want. You can take entire courses and receive completion certificates or choose individual tutorials to learn specific skills.

LinkedIn Learning is designed for all levels of learners and is available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device, whenever you’re ready to learn.

LinkedIn Learning is purely voluntary--you are not required to sign up for a LinkedIn Learning account.

For more about York University alumni access to LinkedIn Learning, visit the Alumni and Friends Career Support Benefits page.

Key Features

How to Access LinkedIn Learning

  1. Click on the LinkedIn Learning button (above), and you will be directed to Passport York to verify that you are a current York student, faculty or staff member.
  2. Enter your Passport York credentials and you will be taken to LinkedIn Learning