What are non-credit courses?

These are courses carry no official academic credit. The completion of these courses is not associated with any program at the University and does not count towards a degree or diploma.

Who is eligible to use LinkedIn Learning?

Any York University student, faculty or staff can use the LinkedIn Learning online learning library.

Do I need permission from my manager or supervisor to study on LinkedIn Learning?

You do not need permission from a manager to use LinkedIn Learning outside of work hours. You can study on your own time and at your leisure. You will require permission from your manager or supervisor if you plan to study using LinkedIn Learning during regular working hours.

What are some features of LinkedIn Learning?

  • Unlimited access to e-Learning on a wide variety of technologies and disciplines
  • Up-to-date content to keep skills current and to learn new skills
  • Materials developed by recognized industry experts
  • Access to exercises and activities to follow along as you learn
  • Closed captioning and searchable, time-coded transcripts
  • Beginner to advanced level online courses
  • The option to watch complete online courses or individual videos as you need them
  • Mobile app access

Can you provide an example of subjects that I can learn on LinkedIn Learning ?

There are more than 1,400 tutorials on LinkedIn Learning. Here are some examples:

  • Twitter for Business
  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
  • Vimeo Essential Training
  • WordPress Essential Training
  • Outlook 2016: Time Management with Calendar and Tasks
  • PowerPoint 2016 New Features
  • OneNote 2016
  • Word 2016 Mail Merge in Depth
  • Building Templates in Word
  • Excel 2016: Pivot Tables in Depth
  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 11
  • Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Why should I use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning offers an online collection of self-guided instructional videos designed to provide students, staff and faculty with just-in-time resources to assist in a variety of areas, including updating software skills, learning new technology tools, and enhancing workplace business practices.

These just-in-time learning resources provide the flexibility for all employees to learn what they want, when and where they want. Users can tap into the LinkedIn Learning web-based tutorials to focus on just the information needed to solve problems, perform specific tasks or quickly update skills.

LinkedIn Learning resources are particularly useful to faculty who want to support flexible learning initiatives at York University. The ongoing access for staff supports the availability of accessible, timely, work-related learning opportunities to enhance performance and career development.

How do I download and install the apps on my tablet or mobile device?

The LinkedIn Learning app may be downloaded for free from the app store for your specific device.  You can find links to the apps stores on this article page: Downloading and Updating LinkedIn Learning Apps.

Can I login directly from the LinkedIn Learning website?

Yes. From the LinkedIn Learning  page, click on Sign In, and then on Sign in with your organization portal. Enter your York email address and click Continue. This will direct you to the Passport York login screen where you will enter your York username and password, and then you will be returned to LinkedIn Learning.

Do I need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning?

No. You do not have to have LinkedIn account to use your York-affiliated LinkedIn Learning account. They are separate systems.

If you do have a personal LinkedIn account, you can choose to link it at the time you activate your LinkedIn Learning account or leave the decision for another time.

Should I link my LinkedIn Learning account to my LinkedIn account?

One advantage of linking accounts is that you'll receive personalized learning recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile and on what LinkedIn users with similar positions are learning. Another is that you can preserve your LinkedIn Learning course history even after you leave York University.

Once you leave York University you will not be able to log into LinkedIn Learning with your York credentials, but if you have linked to your LinkedIn account:

  • Your course usage data from your time at York will be preserved in your LinkedIn account
  • When you once again have access to LinkedIn Learning, your existing usage data will be added to your new LinkedIn Learning account
  • York University will not have access to course usage data created after you leave the University

Other information you should know:

  • You do not have to have a LinkedIn account to use your LinkedIn Learning account. They are two separate systems.
  • If you do have a LinkedIn account, you can choose to link it at the time that you activate LinkedIn Learning or leave that decision for another time (you can find this option under your LinkedIn Learning account settings).
  • You don't have to use your York email for your LinkedIn account. Your LinkedIn account can use a different email address from your LinkedIn Learning account. If you choose to link both, you can log in from either account, i.e. using your current username and password for LinkedIn, or by using your Passport York credentials to access LinkedIn Learning.

If I link my accounts, what information does York have about me?

The University will not get access to your private LinkedIn data if you choose to link your LinkedIn account with your LinkedIn Learning account. York administrators can see only see your name, profile photo and course usage data--no other data is available.

You can unlink the accounts later if you change your mind.